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Selling Skills Training

Thinking skills and sales training are an important subject for success to any training program. My thought has been that thinking skills and selling skills training are at least first cousins to each other. What exactly are thinking skills?  Thinking skills are those set of psychological rules that we use in selling, in order to […]

Inside Sales Training

Selling is an ever increasing costly part of doing business.  Generally, it involves travel and in person meetings, and today, it is also fighting newer systems of communication, as well. Companies are relying more on inside sales to take a larger role in achieving revenue growth and strong customer relationships in a highly competitive marketplace. […]

High Trust Selling

As a salesperson makes daily calls to get appointments and give presentations, most have wondered why some buyers do not purchase when the advantages of purchasing seem so blatant – so logical. Over the years we have thought that the answer to that was in building a trusted advisor relationship with the buyer so that […]

Sales Training Book

Starting or continuing to learn more about sales is probably what separates you from the rest of the crowd of sales consultants.  Congratulations.  In general sales companies are finally growing into understanding that there is a technology related to being a good sales consultant, so a good, modern sales training book becomes essential. The concepts […]

Sales Representative Training

There are only two areas within a company that bring in new revenue.  They are sales and marketing.  This makes the acquisition of, and the training of sales and marketing people extremely important. In order to train anyone on anything, trainers should have some knowledge on being a teacher.  Good teachers know that there are […]

Sales Training Consulting

Anyone who has ever been fishing for fun or sport knows you have to find the right “spot”.  You have to go to where the fish are, if you are going to catch anything.  The same thing is true in ‘fishing’ the minds of individual prospects (stay with me here) to find sales. Start looking […]